Monday, June 22, 2009

6/20 Scion Art Gallery- "This Must Be The Place"

everybody looks at art differently. some people's eyes pop out, some people's mouth's gape open, and others just look on stoically (see above). regardless, another stellar saturday night at scion space (curated by faesthetic magazine). gallery:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

TONIGHT: Scion Art Gallery 7-10pm

tonight (sat 6/20): scion art gallery, free entry, parking, wine, beer and giveaways

Scion Presents: 'THIS MUST BE THE PLACE' Preview from Scion ART on Vimeo.

6/17 Scion House Party- Zomby

zomby, joker and 12th planet added the perfect night cap to the awesome day that started w/ the laker's parade below. gallery:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/17 LAKERS PARADE! (for LA Weekly)

a beautiful, peaceful, diverse and smiling/cheering/clapping crowd came together for the lakers' parade in downtown los angeles. the parade was ridiculously well organized considering the short amount of time, so one has to wonder how long the lapd has been "secretly" planning the event. haha, probably before the playoffs even began. how's that for lack of respect for the jazz/rockets/nuggets/magic. there have been a lot of debates about the costs of the parade in this economy etc. in the end, la spent $150k or less to bring 250-350,000 people together from all walks of life (not to mention all the revenue those people brought along with them in parking, food, merchandise etc) for a once in a lifetime (or every few years if you are the lakers) celebration that rejuvinated a city. hard to find many negatives in that.
check the LA WEEKLY ARTICLE for more:
kobe found my lens amidst the chaos to throw up a 4, one for each ring he has (see his puppet hand t-shirt as well). ice cube threw me a different version of the four ring sign.MORE PHOTOS and the LA Weekly article:

6/15 Sailor Jerry @ The Silent Movie Theater

malbon bro's had me come shoot the sailor jerry premiere at the silent movie theater in los angeles, documenting the life of one of the most influential and popular american tattoo artists. free sailor jerry rum was also served, and perhaps due to the 92 proof or the large amounts of tattoos in the crowd the people got DOWN. above, legendary tattoo artist bob roberts and malcolm.

Friday, June 12, 2009

5/27-6/11 - 2 Weeks, 17 Shoots

just as crazy as it sounds... all 17 shoots condensed into one blog below. galleries, links, and more info coming soon!

May 27th:
Live and Behind the Scenes - Caitlin Crosby

May 29th:
Ad Campaign for Namco game: "We Cheer"
can't post photos till the ad comes out.........

May 30th (AM): Moving up Day for LAUP (Los Angeles Universal Preschool)

May 30th (PM): Pool Party @ The Standard Downtown

May 31st (7am-7pm): Behind the Scenes shoot for "Focus on Feeling Better."

May 31st (8pm-12am): Dewatron @ Ghetto Gloss for LA Times

June 2nd: Tetris 20th Anniversary Presentation @ E3

June 2nd: Brutal Legend Presentation @ E3 for EA

June 4th AM: Need for Speed Presentation @ E3 for EA

June 4th (early PM): Bloblive Portraits for LA Times (Brand X)

June 4th (late PM): Foundtrack/Puma Party @ R Bar

June 5th: The Art of Dining Gala for Orange County Museum of Art

June 6th: Musician Portrait: Tom Russell

June 7th: Artist portrait: Frohawk for LA Times (Brand X Magazine)

June 8th: Artist portrait: Cira Crowell for LA Times (Brand X Magazine)

June 10th: Scion Metal Show @ The Roxy (Municipal Waste)

June 11th: Kung Fu Femme's @ The Kress for LA Weekly