Friday, June 12, 2009

5/27-6/11 - 2 Weeks, 17 Shoots

just as crazy as it sounds... all 17 shoots condensed into one blog below. galleries, links, and more info coming soon!

May 27th:
Live and Behind the Scenes - Caitlin Crosby

May 29th:
Ad Campaign for Namco game: "We Cheer"
can't post photos till the ad comes out.........

May 30th (AM): Moving up Day for LAUP (Los Angeles Universal Preschool)

May 30th (PM): Pool Party @ The Standard Downtown

May 31st (7am-7pm): Behind the Scenes shoot for "Focus on Feeling Better."

May 31st (8pm-12am): Dewatron @ Ghetto Gloss for LA Times

June 2nd: Tetris 20th Anniversary Presentation @ E3

June 2nd: Brutal Legend Presentation @ E3 for EA

June 4th AM: Need for Speed Presentation @ E3 for EA

June 4th (early PM): Bloblive Portraits for LA Times (Brand X)

June 4th (late PM): Foundtrack/Puma Party @ R Bar

June 5th: The Art of Dining Gala for Orange County Museum of Art

June 6th: Musician Portrait: Tom Russell

June 7th: Artist portrait: Frohawk for LA Times (Brand X Magazine)

June 8th: Artist portrait: Cira Crowell for LA Times (Brand X Magazine)

June 10th: Scion Metal Show @ The Roxy (Municipal Waste)

June 11th: Kung Fu Femme's @ The Kress for LA Weekly

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