Friday, July 31, 2009

7/30 Vice/Hornitos Party with Franki Chan and crew

i stopped by hwood and ran into one of my favorite la photographers ellei from shadowscene. then back to the vice party @ hollywood cemetary, this time camera in hand.
joel madden and homies.
professional dancers.
nonprofessional (but skillllz) dancers.i missed hollywood holt's set but franki chan held it down as always.
my favorite video dood, glenjamin. rapper rob roythe rest.

hope to see you guys at the next vice party saturday night. free flowing (did i mention FREE?) tequila+food+music+photos=good times.


Anonymous said...

where are 'the rest'?

Colin Young-Wolff Photography said...

I can post a link to a few more... What are you looking for in particular?