Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10 Sara Bareilles- Recording Session, Pub Crawl and 30th Birthday Photos

sara b is back in the recording studio so i stopped by a few weeks ago and took a couple photos (below). the songs i heard sounded amazin'... can't wait for the 2nd album.
afterward some of her band members and the raining jane girls were in town so we ventured to main street. it started off innocently enough @ wildflour pizza, then got progressively crazier as we hit a couple bars before having a dance off at barcopa and finishing the night w/ some holy guacamole tacos.
later, sara had her 30th birthday at an amazing venue called big red sun in venice. (below: blowing out candles as mona tavakoli looks on, dancing with her cupcakes, and hangin w/ javier dunn and cary brothers).
for more check out sara's latest performance w/ weezer.

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