Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/21 Carl's Jr's Bar Downtown for Brand X Magazine

the only 3 carl's jr's with bars are right here in downtown l.a. and serve big pitchers of beer for under $7 ... brand x mag sent me and a writer to investigate and you can catch the article on news stands now or see it here.


reeyawd said...

Damn! We need that out here. Reminds me of the La Salsa La Jolla days.

Colin Young-Wolff Photography said...

seriously. everything sounds (and tastes?) better with a pitcher of cold beer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Colin, I searched "downtown LA carls jr beer" and this came up. Amazing.

Going there today to celebrate my 30th with co-workers.

Ben Stein

Colin Young-Wolff Photography said...

classic man! happy 30th!!